Monday, 7 September 2015

Magazine Advert Gallery

To get us started, we will begin thinking about magazine ads.

At this stage, you have not yet been equipped with 'media language'...

However, as we discuss these examples, you can start thinking about what design features you would want to use in your own ad (as well as things to avoid!)...

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The worksheet we will use:

If you want to look at what type of things older Media students have done, you can look at their coursework blogs and find years of film and music video work on my channel (look in the playlists section to find these gathered together). Note that many of the film pieces are horror!

There may have been (depending on the lesson) some background music playing; this is the playlist:

Magazine advertisement/s for a new product or brand you have created
A TV ad for one of these new products or brands
A section of a new TV programme you have created

We don't do music video this year, but you might in GCSE, and would as part of Media A-Level. You will, however, learn and apply the sort of technical skills used for this video...


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