Friday, 16 October 2015

Shot Types comic book task

To complete this you need to:

  1. Come up with a VERY short story that can be explained in no more than 3 sentences.
  2. Plan and photograph at least 1 example of each shot type/angle (see list below)
  3. Present this as a comic book (or use Keynote if you don't have a comic maker app)
  4. Provide short text boxes to make the story clear, but also label each shot type/angle so its clear that (a) you've used each shot type/angle and (b) you can correctly identify these!
Please check your submitted work on Showbie for feedback.

Your Showbie class codes if you haven't joined yet:
9E: 3JKQ5
If you can't find your handout you can use the PowerPoint in this post to remind yourself what the shots are and how to identify them.
The shot range goes (I'm just using abbreviations as you can refer to the handout):
  • ECU
  • CU
  • MCU
  • MS
  • MLS
  • LS
  • ELS
There are also angles:
  • low
  • mid
  • high
  • dutch
You can also use:
  • two shot (2 people in the shot; three shot is 3...)
  • OTS (over the shoulder shot)
Don't panic!

This is a simple exercise - we don't need a masterpiece, just a clear demonstration of your applying the full range of camera shots!!!

SOLUTION1: You can take some new photos and change the storyline accordingly (remember, we said a story that you can explain in at most 3 sentences).

SOLUTION2: You can also re-use and edit some photos: by CROPPING you can make a LS into a MLS or MS for example, and you could even create a dutch angle by spinning the image around a little!

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